Well, my name’s Maddi, and I write the My Bitter Insanity blog.  I have depression, general anxiety, and OCD, and my journey has cleverly avoided keywords like ‘easy,’ ‘reasonable,’ and ‘consistent.’ I’m super duper passionate about mental health advocacy and my blog. (And I’m really glad you’re here!)

I’m also a huge music fan and spend a lot of time singing and listening to music, I was in school for vocal music before I had to go on hiatus! When I go back, I’d like to be a high school music teacher.

I’m a big animal lover (and have two absolutely beautiful cats and a very handsome pupper) and I’m a super big supporter of pets for mental wellness. I know that my pets have helped me so much while they’ve been in my life (more info on them here) and I’m so lucky so see these adorable, loving faces everyday!

Family is incredibly important to me, and I am very lucky to have an amazing group of people that I’m proud to call my family. They have supported me through think and thin and I would do literally anything for them in return.

Because I’m sick, I spend a lot of my time right now at home and struggling to keep up with life, but when I’m feeling good, I like to be outdoors and I’m working to get back to that.  In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying discovering new recipes to cook or bake and learning about entry-level web design!

I so hope that you’ll stick around and join in the conversation! Comment on new posts, follow me on Twitter, or send me a message below!

I’ll see you around!

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