Pushing Through the In-Between - Waiting for Treatment

Pushing Through the In-Between: Waiting for Treatment

What’s the in-between? It’s the sludgy road from outreach to treatment. The seemingly never-ending battle to convince professionals that you’re sick enough (but not too sick) for treatment. Every day, patients in first-world countries are waiting for treatment for months at a time, and that’s where I am now.

At the end of July, I had my last day of work following my three-weeks’ notice of resignation. The job wasn’t the best for me in many ways, but my main concern was how quickly my mental health seemed to be deteriorating. Even though I was still functioning well, waking up on time, missing little work, and seeming in control of my emotions, I was worried. I’ve seen my relapses come out of nowhere before and I was determined put my foot to the metal to make sure I could cushion my crash as much as possible.

Medication and Me: Why I Don't Take it Even Though I Should

Medication and Me: Why I Don’t Take it Even Though I Should

I’m sad to report that the quasi-writer’s block from my first post has struck me again these last few days, and I am now writing this post the night before it is scheduled to be posted. For me, this isn’t normal.

Truth is, I’ve had a terrible week. I’ve been super depressed and demotivated and I’ve spent a lot of time doing nothing. I’m not super sure why this week was a week where I got worse, but there isn’t always a concrete reason.

I didn’t sleep last night and I had a rough morning trying to follow up on referrals that my family doctor was supposed to have made; turns out she didn’t actually submit them all. It’s been over a month since I had my appointment with her and today I followed up on the other programs.